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Hunters is a band from Brooklyn / Pennsylvania.

Audacity is Orange County’s latest proof that California’s the place to be. This fresh-faced Fullerton four piece has roots that stretch back to elementary school. That sense of lifelong camaraderie comes across in their buoyant take on the classic power punk sound. Bouncy slacker pop is always an appropriate soundtrack for a warm West Coast spring night.

Formed when they were only 14 years old, the members of Audacity connect with a musical lineage that stretches back about as far as their ages combined. The music invokes trails of Todd Rundgren’s A Wizard, A True Star, as well as the best work of the Modern Lovers. Twisting in those influences with geographic touchstones like the Descendents and the Adolescents, Audacity crafts tunes that trade in hooks and fun amidst a rush of volume and youthful enthusiasm.

Deflowered and inspired by Anaheim’s Thee Makeout Party, Audacity are putting in the effort on the road to make a name for themselves. They’re asserting their place among power pop peers like Nobunny and Atlanta’s Gentleman Jesse and His Men. Audacity is evidence that suburban sprawl combined with a little sun and surf can make for fantastic results.

Wand (formerly First Nations) is Victoria, BC's Derek Janzen. He has been quietly recording and releasing homemade alternative music from out of his bedroom in the cold, dark north since 2008. Over the years he's played with some great acts, including Blackout Beach, Radical Face, Cousins, Jordan Klassen and Himalayan Bear.
When playing live, Wand incorporates trumpet, drum machines, various synths, delayed guitar and driving percussion to create their unique and grandiose sound. When doing solo shows, Derek builds large arrangements piece by piece using looping pedals and samplers. While they are influenced by quite a diverse amount of artists, some of the most prominent are Sunset Rubdown, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Deerhunter and Phil Collins. South African electro, choral, and gamelan music are also influences.

The Underground Railroad To Candyland

Underground Railroad to Candyland spends much of their time slaying orcs and goblins in the LA basin and along the 110 and 5 Freeways. In battle, they are led by the ferocious and meticulous Mike Felix, supervised by Congo and text support is provided by the Jacks. Freedom is an interesting concept and, usually, they are fighting for it. However, these games are often played and not everyone is always sure of the outcomes. France also plays a big role when you can't sleep. Additionally, plans for a future out takes on emotions remain strangely up in the air. People keep talking about what is happening next but no one picks up the ball after it bounces out of the basket. The Lakers went down, embarassingly, in 6 games and Lamar lost his considerable mojo. Sometime in the middle of June he began to feel suffocated by paranoia and exhaustion due to the onslaught of insults back home. His drug and alcohol habit had already lead to a few short stints in rehab, but he finally hit rock bottom. He sadly left the city in mid 2008 and is now unemployed and living on the South side of Omaha where he plans on riding his bike around until the winter months make it impossible.


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