Oh The Horror: A Halloween Event, The Thought of Yesterday, Chase:The Magic Dragon, Inside the Sun, The Genetics, Paragon of Animals, Native Burn

The Thought of Yesterday

well its up to u man.. ur thought of yesterday can either be amazing or not so amazing.. u could have fell in love with the love of ur life or lost some one. had the biggest orgasim of all time or dipped out hella early in the morning. got super wasted and can remember an awesome time or.. shit... opps. lol the thought of yesterday is what my fans make of it. n u know what, shit happends but ill always have ur back and support and listen to their stories and they have mine. 🙂 _KELLY

Chase:The Magic Dragon

Heart pounding drums, Face melting guitars, Groovy bass lines and In-your-face savage vocals create what is Chase: The Magic Dragon

Formed in late 2011, 4 longtime friends joined together to create a unique sound and live out a dream. Fueled by the continuous support of our friends and family we strive to do nothing but the best.

Inside the Sun

Jimi Hendrix already played the heaviest shit; he cannot be outdone. We strive to follow his example, and the examples of many of his disciples. We see the schism between heavy and psychedelic as null. True heaviness IS psychedelic, as the recordings of Hendrix demonstrate. For the last 40+ years, metal has surely gotten more brutal, but has often left its psychedelic origins to wither. We hold that our metal should be both heavy and trippy.

The Genetics

started with eddie, then everything came together since we hung out. we hella jammed and got milo to be our drummer so now were here with our punkx skafunx

Spikey headed fucks!
What's the point.

Band Interests
Pizza, Beer, Drugs, Sex, Tits and Nacho's mom.

Paragon of Animals

We are a band that's been playing since our teen years. We were formally known as "Alas, poor Yorick", but as you can see we have made changes. 😉 We're structured my a gelatinous mass of humans, the names of which you can find in the "Members" info pane (that's right, it DOESN'T refer to penises...got me too).

An experimental alternative/folk/metal band. We're influenced by the widest range of music, from punk like Fugazi, to classic rock like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, to more contemporary finds like At The Drive-In and Radiohead. We hope to help push the music scene here in Fresno to a place we all know it wants to go.

Band Interests
To make fantastic music and and to share it with whoever is interested. We hope be involved in the still developing alternative musical revolution boiling beneath the surface of our hometown. Also, we're into Tarantino flicks.

Native Burn

Erupting from the deep depths of the Central Valley, Nativeburn is one of the newest and hottest, up-coming, Groove Metal bands located in Fresno California. What sets Nativeburn apart from other Metal performers is their ability to compose music that is theme driven. Each masterpiece is designed around a theme and with captivating lyrics and heavy progressive riffs, this unique flavor will leave you wanting more!!!

$10 advance


Upcoming Events
Fulton 55