Brass City Sounds Presents: The Business, DEATH THREAT

The Welch Boys

THE WELCH BOYS are a five-piece street punk band from Boston featuring members of SLAPSHOT and THE BLUE BLOODS. Raised and bred on the many great Boston punk and hardcore bands, THE WELCH BOYS emerge with a sound that is a perfect mix of punk rock, Oi!, and east coast hardcore. They were formed in 2004 by the guitarist, and founding member of The Blue Bloods, T.J. Welch. The lineup for their self-titled debut also includes seven-year Slapshot veteran Ed Lalli on vocals, Mark Powers on bass, P.J. Dionne on lead guitar and Ron Holbrook on drums.

The Welch Boys write short, catchy, and powerful songs that emphasize sing along choruses and aggressive guitar playing. They have a sound that is firmly rooted in the punk rock legacy of their hometown, yet unique enough to set themselves apart. Lyrically, they tackle a wide variety of subjects that convey the struggles of working class life all laced with an underlying core of hope and optimism.

The band worked with the legendary Jim Siegel (The Dropkick Murphys, Blood For Blood, and The Hope Conspiracy) at the Outpost Studio in Stoughton Massachusetts to produce the effort.

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