Ravenna Woods

"Why they matter: Ravenna Woods provides a crucial reminder to Seattle's current scene: Just because it's folky and acoustic doesn't mean it must be pastoral and warm. The three-man band plays haunting urban folk, full of eerie vocal harmonies, spiraling fingerpicked guitar, minimalist percussion, and the occasional toy piano." --SPIN.com

"The group's drum-driven sound is spare and rhythmic, punctuated by harmonic howls and whoops. Sometimes it calls to mind a native pow-wow; sometimes, a soundtrack to a spooky movie. It's all played at a volume dialed back just enough to hear the patterns and textures, and -- thanks to the congenial, almost goofy stage presence of guitarist/vocalist Chris Cunningham, multi-instrumentalist Brantley Duke and hard-working drummer Matt Badger -- it's not nearly as cerebral as it sounds." --The Seattle Times



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