Finding Westerly

Finding Westerly

Finding Westerly is a 4-piece rock/alternative band hailing from Sicklerville, New Jersey. Since forming in 2002, FW has teamed up with producer/engineer Chris Badami of Portrait Recording Studios (The Starting Line/Jennifer Rostock/The Early November) and recently unveiled their long awaited full length LP "Rock and Roll Romance" in the summer of 2013. Finding Westerly brings a fresh sound of New Jersey rock and roll to the table with catchy choruses, shredding guitar licks, and an all around feel-good, positive vibe in their music. They have toured with such bands as Hidden in Plain View, the Early November, and Copeland and have played countless shows up and down the east coast while selling records all over the US and Europe. Now, with the perfect lineup and a live show that will leave you screaming for one more song, the band is set to do big things in 2013 and beyond...

Audio Impulse

Born from the ashes of two local bands Barry Phillips (previously in Broken Down Sunset) and Nate Blithe (previously in Revenant Tone) began writing music and soon realized they needed more. They recruited the best bassist they both knew, Pat Duffy. Once Pat started laying down his amazing bass lines, they all knew they had something special. Through the grapevine they found Joe Freeman (aka Freeman) and with his epic drumming, made the songs better than any of them could have imagined. The end result came to be what you now know as Audio Impulse. Audio Impulse is a band that plays music straight from the heart.


A warm cup of coffee on a rainy day in the city...if coffee was meant for your ears.

First single, "More Than Dying" streaming NOW!


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