"Transit has been getting better and better ever since the release of their first EP, 2007's Let It Out. But no one could ever predict that their development would reach such a devastating pinnacle on Stay Home. The band's newest release, a six-song collection again recorded with New England hardcore super producer Jay Maas (Verse, Shipwreck), Stay Home is made up an absolutely mind-blowing first half and a second half that, while not quite as good, is still wholehearted, well-rounded and stupidly solid itself. "

"Not often does a band quell fears of mediocrity within seconds of an album's beginning, but Transit do just that on Stay Home's self-titled opener. Frenetic drum spanking and the lines, "So many days and nights of my life escape / It always fades away with time" create an instant spark. Talk about target marketing; there is perhaps no better way to describe the numbingly slow days of summer or spring break or whatever. Good things are sure to follow when a band can so succinctly lay their cards on the table."

"Sometimes you can almost immediately tell where a band comes from after hearing just a few songs. Such is the case with Boston quintet Transit: The band's brand of melodic post-hardcore could only come from the upper East Coast, and on This Will Not Define Us, they shred through the speakers with a sound that's straight out of 2002. Thankfully though, it's not too derivative; apparent influences aside, this is really damn good. Transit's tunes pack a satisfying mix of catchy hooks and raw emotional grit not far removed from the likes of Crime In Stereo, or a far ballsier Taking Back Sunday circa Tell All Your Friends." -Mammoth Press

MISSER is members of Transit and This Time Next Year. The 3 song EP 'Problems. Problems. Problems.' is available on iTunes NOW. The EP was recorded with Ben Hirchfield at Imperial Studios in Livemore, CA and the cover was made by Diamond Head Clothing and Photographs were taken by Garrett Van Brunt.

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