Hi! We're Knifight and we have an EP titled, "Now We're Invisible" available on iTunes and knifight.bandcamp.com. We're a four-piece band with an incredibly energetic live show that plays gripping electronic, post-wave pop songs that include synthesizers, electric guitar, bass, and group vocals.

White Chocolate Rainbow Destroyer

White Chocolate Rainbow Destroyer is the project of producer/engineer/musician Ryan Rooney. W.C.R.D. incorporates a strong video element, the shows are 50% rock show and 50% video installation. The idea is to transform your reality by using Binaural audio and hypnotic video frame rates. All in all the songs are pop by nature, yet are drenched in a psychadelic, experimental electronic blanket.

DJ Scorpio

Indie, Electro, Rock, Glam, Psych.... Austin TX

$5 at the Door

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