Cropdust, The Alex Mallett Band, Dubl Handi, Robert Leslie


Ain't no god damn busters

The Alex Mallett Band

The Alex Mallett Band play reflective songs about love and loss that will stay in your mind for weeks on end. It's the contrast between (often) sad songs and the up-beat sound of the unique instrumentation (banjo, drums and bass) that creates a rare tension in The Alex Mallett Band, who are fast becoming one of the most in demand indie-grass/new-timey bands in Brooklyn.

Dubl Handi

Dubl Handi is Hilary Hawke, Ernie Vega and Brian Geltner, named after the Washboard company from the 1800's. Dubl Handi is pronounced, Double Handy, just spelled different. In the tradition of folk music around the world rhythmic groove is a pervasive thread. Dubl Handi uses percussion, guitar, drums, and banjo to play songs from appalachian region of the Northeast States.

Robert Leslie

$8.00 - $10.00


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