Zach Myers of Shinedown, Michael Spaulding,George DiPietro of A King in Wait w/ Josh Thompson & Ed Lawrence and Bill Jolliemore of Third Knuckle

Zach Myers guitar player of Shinedown featuring Zack Mack

Zach Myers was born November 7, 1983. He was both born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Zach began playing guitar at age thirteen. By fourteen he had a manager, a record deal, and began touring the world. He released two records under the band name Zach Myers Band. Zach also played with bands such as Fairwell, Saliva and Breaking Point. Zach Myers joined Shinedown in 2005. He has played both bass guitar and lead guitar. With influences such as Jimi Henrix and Jimi Page it's no wonder Zach has provided fans an experience like no other.

Michael Spaulding Band

Being known as one of the most respected, hardest working, and talented artists around, Michael Spaulding, along with his full live band, were opening/touring/headlining with national bands such as Puddle of Mudd, Sevendust, Cold, 10 Years, Staind, Filter, Nonpoint, Ill Nino, among MANY more up until early 2011.

With a busy schedule and many inner demons calling out to slow down, in mid 2011, Michael completely shut down his music empire (stores, websites, social network pages,etc were all deleted) and took over a year and a half away from it all to focus on family and bettering life in all aspects.

With the urge to write and play during this time,his break was finally over.

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