VEnT, The Mixed People, The Funky T - at Jolly's

Paulette Branson & Mixed People

Mixed People is a funky soul, fusion band with a splash of alternative. It was formed by guitarist, Paulette Branson in August 2012. Band members include: Paulette Branson - lead guitar and vocals; Porsha Branson - vocals; Pierre Nix - percussion and vocals; Bird Williams - keys and vocals; Melvin McKnight "Blaqmel" - guitar; Kae Bee - bass; and Najashi Abdur-Rasheed - drums. Mixed People has performed at various Philly venues, such as World Cafe Live, The Legendary Dobbs, The Grape Room, Studio 98 and Elena’s Soul Lounge. The name Mixed People derived from colors that bloomed out of the whole funk and nothing but the funk, and it’s an appreciation for human differences and various genres of music. The sound is fun, loving and energizing. A Mixed People debut EP is in progress, featuring original songs, Shark Attack, the Window Song, Desire and other fan favorites. The band is quickly stamping its sound in Philly and has plans to stamp the world.

The Funky T

The Funky T is out to deliver that funk, rock and r&b to bring a breath of fresh air to the live music scene in Philadelphia



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