The Slants, Mechlo, Teach me Equals

The Slants

Oregon Public Broadcasting: "It's tempting to peg the Slants in some existing Asian genre: Canto-pop, J-Metal, Viet Core....but they're not quite that simple."

Power & Politics: "The Slants rock really hard. For me, their pan-AAP identity is actually a very far second to their sound - I'd be proudly rocking this noise out of my stereos if The Slants were green and purple as opposed to yellow and white."

Fender Music Inst. Corp: "Powerful guitar and keyboard lines, combined with the darker but danceable tradition of their aforementioned musical heroes, immediately earned the group international press and a busy performance schedule."

Shojo Beat: SB-approved and on the hot list!

JRock Events USA: "The Slants is a powerful and brilliant band with a bold sound that will melt your face clean off" "Asian dance rockers The Slants are carving out quite the niche in the vibrant Portland music community. Melodic niceties meld with edgy retro-futuristic resonance to create a familiar yet one-of-a-kind sound."

The Willamette Week: "Itís a great story: All-Asian synthcore troupe lands anime festival, achieves instantaneous notoriety from overpacked fireball-laden maelstrom, inspires John Woo and Dragon Ball Z fans toward aggro electro andójust months after its first practiceóbooks gigs across the globe. As shadow-warriory as the Slantsí rise has been, itís still all about the tunes, and the bandís debutófloor-filling synth pop bristling with all the menace and grandeur of its oft name-checked cultural iconsóis propulsive, cinematic and impossible to ignore."

Seattle Noise: "The band's smooth harmonies, infectious melodies and anthemic choruses have attracted young listeners -- dubbed "the Slants army" -- who love anime, video games and manga..."

Teach me Equals

Teach Me Equals, from south Florida, features classical string instruments played in most unusual ways, and layered atop propulsive electronic beats. Their debut record is produced by guitar-pop-prodigy Delicate Steve, and is expected out in early 2014. Teach Me Equals is currently on tour all over the US and Canada and has no plans of stopping.

$5.00 - $7.00


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