Take the number of metal bands who sing about war, death and destruction. Subtract it from the number of metal bands with personal experience of such matters. If you arrive at the number minus 345 billion then you've done the math correctly. If you want real talk about war then you should meet the members of Acrassicauda. Formed in 2001, Acrassicauda is an Iraqi thrash metal band. The band formed and played concerts when Iraq was under the regime of Saddam Hussein. During the invasion of shock and awe, and the subsequent American occupation many friends and family were killed. Their practice space was blown to bits and they started to receive threats from the death squads of militants that roamed the streets.

After leaving everything behind, they were forced to live like refugees running from Baghdad to Syria to Turkey. Acrassicauda met the band Testament backstage at a concert in Turkey, and when they arrived in the United States, found a mentor in Alex Skolnick, lead guitarist, who helped them practice and get ready to record their first EP. Like a wounded lion roaring in pain, every note and every riff of these songs is born from pain, agony, and strife and that can only stem from the experiences that they themselves lived. But just as they've lived their lives in the last seven years, Acrassicauda transcend mere negativity to make a beautiful, angrily hopeful record that's as real as it comes.


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