Anthony Mansfield

Anthony Mansfield has been on a 20-year journey through the world of
psychedelic dance music ever since attending the now-legendary full moon massives of
San Francisco’ s Wicked Crew in the early 90’ s. Anthony spent the rest of the decade
in New York, spreading the gospel of deep house across the Empire State with a late-
night radio show, his 8-year-running weekly, and the countless underground parties
that gave birth to his own crew, HectorWorks Soundsystem. After an exhausting and
debaucherous 2-year run as GM, talent booker, and resident DJ at upstate’ s largest live
music venue, The Odyssey, Anthony was ready to return to San Francisco.
Anthony hit the West Coast running in 2002, joining his old friend DJ M3 as
resident DJ and co-promoter of the infamous Green Gorilla Lounge in a string of
successful weekly club nights, true seat-of-your-pants underground parties, and blown-
out monthly events across the Bay Area, with some of the city’ s and world’ s best names
in dance music. Anthony has left his mark on Burning Man for the last decade as well,
at the Space Lounge, Green Gorilla, and Disco Knights sound camps, with a trail of
exhausted dancers and party people in the wake of his many epic sets on the playa.
Anthony has been producing his own particular brand of dance music since his
first release on Rong Records in ’ 04 with Ben Cook as “ Barfly” . Quickly moving to
found his own label, Hector Works, in 2005 with NYC deep-house production wizard
Nick Chacona, Anthony has worked with Garth, Tal M. Klein, Sneak-E Pete, M3, and
others in the last five years, releasing tracks on Gomma, Moodmusic, Aniligital , and
Om Records. His tunes have received nods (and plays) from some of the world’ s top
DJs, including Dimitri from Paris, Harvey, Greg Wilson, Doc Martin, Idjut Boys, Ivan
Smaggle, and Playgroup. Camped out in his room at Moulton Studios, Anthony is
currently hard at work on the 16th release for Hector Works, and looking forward to
taking a break for the Treasure Island Music Festival!

DJ M3 aka Manny is a major influence in SF’s music scene. Launching the Green Gorilla Lounge and record label in the 90s, which organized and played many of SF’s most notable underground events. Manny was soul proprietor of Lower Haight’s vinyl music boutique ‘Black Pancakes’, which led to the opening of the The Triple Crown nightclub.
And now his most recent collaborative music project Sleight of Hands. Now with Monarch, Great Northern, GGL Label DJ M3 continues to move San Francisco and looks forward to seeing you on the dance floor.

Shiny Objects

Smoke N' Mirrors

Ed Mazur

San Francisco based house DJ / producer Ed Mazur is rapidly becoming one to watch for. Ed’s music features a distinctive style that blends widely varying sounds of house music together seamlessly into a sound that is solidly underground yet easily accessible.

Born in New York City, he has lived in many parts of the US, including Nashville, Miami, Denver. He began DJing and producing in 2000 while living in Boulder, Colorado. In 2001, he took a year long road trip up and down the coast of California and discovered what the West Coast had to offer as his love for dance music began to focus on house. Shortly after, he permanently settled in San Francisco to devote himself to house music, enticed by the creative energy of the City by the Bay and its vibrant music and party scene.

Ed doesn't like purism and throws down anything from the deeper soulful sounds to bangin' underground house or minimal tech house. His favorite music fuses creative sound design and driving beats with soulful, organic funky grooves. He has played at most of the major San Francisco clubs as well as many underground parties. In 2004, he helped put together a float for the first ever American Love Parade alongside techno legends Jon Selway and Christian Smith. For the last eight years he has played epic sets to capacity crowds at the Green Gorilla Lounge and Disco Knights camps during Burning Man. In October, he made his international debut at the 2010 Amsterdam Dance Event . Ed has also been involved as a promoter with various San Francisco undergrounds such as Don’t Hold Back, Jack Da Bass and Dirty Beats for Thirsty Freaks, as well as club nights including Love Deluxe and Close Knit Circle.

Ed shines as a producer. His work leans towards the techy side of house but with strong funk influences and deep organic sounds mixed in. Newer projects have increasingly featured greater live instrumentation and vocals. He first gained attention for his remix of Radiohead’s “Punchup at a Wedding” on the Fresh Press imprint which has received widespread play. 2008 saw the launch of his label, House on the Hill to showcase the rich variety of sounds in the spectrum of house. Initial releases have focused on his own music and collaborations with other artists such as Laron (aka Swan) and Emily Fox, His third release, "View From Within", received widespread play in clubs and was featured on radio on many top European dance radio stations, including Ibiza Global Radio, Berlin FM, Ministry of Sound Radio, and more. The label's fourth release, "It's All About" , includes a remix by London house music superstar Giom that reached #3 on the Top 100 Chart. Recent releases have received strong support from A-list house DJs including DJ Heather, Massimo Dacosta, Nick Holder, Andy Riley of Inland Knights, Jay West, Miles Maeda, and many others.

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