Fred Frith Trio

Fred Frith Trio

Fred Frith Trio:

Fred Frith: electric guitar
Jason Hoopes: electric bass
Jordan Glenn: drums

Frith's latest venture marries the extreme poly-rhythmic tendencies of the ever good-humored Jordan Glenn with Jason Hoopes' unique blend of down-the-middle groove and on-the-edge abandon—an unstoppable river of subtle energy and deep passion. As Glen Kenny put it in a review of their recent concerts at The Stone in New York: "Glenn's style split the difference between Tony Oxley's math
and Paul Motian's ethereal swing, while Hoopes juggled time in the tradition of Scott La Faro. Which allowed Frith to move forward with a relaxed, confident demonstration of how physical and rhythmic a guitarist he really is at heart...With Hoopes and Glenn, Frith's encyclopedic musicality found a sinuous rhythmic platform…over, under, sideways, and down..."

Surplus 1980

Surplus 1980 is a post-punk rock band, the second coming of the instrumental punk band Mute Socialite. Formed by former Sleepytime Gorilla Museum percussionist, Moe! Staiano, Surplus 1980 is a thicker brew of an out-jazz touch on the punk ferocity.Surplus 1980 have a well-chosen name. As long as you pick up on the right 1980 musical references: the skewed-punk and post-punk and spiky New Wave ones: Essential Logic, Pere Ubu, the Fall, the Slits, the Ex, first-album Gang of Four: Surplus 1980 is a louder and faster band than any of those, but draw from the same well of shouty discordant rock’n'roll clamor, the same joy in complaining. Chord progressions are less friendly than on a Chuck Berry record, but have the same elemental drive, and the drums — plus Staiano’s various re-purposed metals and tools — are clattered up front to make sure we don’t miss them.

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