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Klutch (Andre Waguespack): What happens when you mix fervent passion, relentless dedication, and a vast background in Music? You get one of the most creative, innovative DJ/Producers to ever hit the scene: Klutch. One of the many great things about this multi-faceted Musician is that every show is extremely unique; no two sets are even remotely the same. In a true Artist’s fashion, Klutch blends multiple genres together in ways that a lot of people would call impossible, painting a musical masterpiece of diverse sound. Another strong suit of Klutch is his one-of-a-kind stage performance and energy. He pumps so much energy into the crowd you’ll think he’s sponsored by Red Bull (; But no matter how hard the crowd is going, one thing is certain during a Klutch set: He’ll be going the hardest. Brillz is gonna have to bring it like he’s back at the TomorroWorld Main Stage, because Klutch will be setting the bar extremely high. It’s only the beginning for this soon to be Superstar. In fact, he’s got so much potential EDMutual might just have to sign him ourselves (;
PS: Klutch will be dropping an unreleased remix that will leave you begging for him to make public, just so that you can show anyone who made the poor choice of not coming out what they missed. You lucky, lucky audience you.

Rroid Drazr

Rroid Drazr (Chad Blancas) is a long running veteran of the New Orleans scene, and the Electronic Dance Music scene as a whole. Having been a DJ for 10+ years, Rroid knows how to perfectly intertwine the old school with the new. Put simply, this man right here is all about the bangers. In fact, close your eyes during this high energy set and you’ll forget that you’re not Main Stage at a music festival. His unique skills are known all throughout the South, leaving a wake of destroyed dance floors in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. In 2012, Rroid collaborated with vocalist Sue Cho and released a Dubstep single that hit #12 on Beatport’s top 100 Dubstep tracks. Humble, happy, and hard-working, Chad’s personality is felt not only in personal conversation, but also in the positive energy he delivers to the crowd. Three words that will be left at the tip of your tongues when this set is over: Unique, Powerful, and Energetic. No stranger to the EDMutual Experience, Rroid Drazr is ready to take the stage once again and show New Orleans what Electronic Dance Music is all about. Be there from 10:15-11:15 and find out why this veteran will soon be forced from the club stage to the festival stage; it’s only a matter of time.

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DIRECTLY FOLLOWING VOODOO FEST Heroes and Villains | SugarBear | Klutch | Champagne | Rroid Drazr | Kainam VERY Limited Early Bird: $10 GA/$20 VIP Discounted Presale: $15 GA/$25 VIP **VIP Includes access to Upstairs Lounges/Bar/Bathrooms & Premiere Viewing from the Balconies** Promotions by Poorboyz Productions!

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