The Vans (Members of Flexx Bronco), Sweetwater Black

The Vans (Members of Flexx Bronco)

From the geniuses that brought you Flexx Bronco and Thee Teenage Harlets, this is THE VANS. Inspired by the late 80's and early 90's alternative, grunge sounds of their youth, Vans songs are short, loud and to the point. That point being "Fuuuuuck You, sometimes you get frustrated and you write a song about it. If you think ANY of these songs are about YOU, you're probably right. Shouldn't have pissed us off in the first place...Time to get yer fuuuukin mind blown!"

Sweetwater Black

Sweetwater Black is made up of Seth and Danielle Stowaway and Michael Scanland. Having started playing music together in the 8 piece, the Dirty Hand Family Band, this loud rock and roll 3 piece showcases their chemistry in a different light.


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