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The one to watch - bridging the gap between RnB and Electronic Beats, Kelela is reaching Lit City Rave to celebrate the release of her brand new Fade to Mind album, 'Cut 4 Me'. Kelela’s debut, is the culmination of a long journey, exploring the space between loss and freedom, and the process of letting go as a catalyst for growth. Concerned equally with confronting hard realities as celebrating romance, with confronting both the ecstatic highs and painful lows of relationships, this deeply personal body of work merges the popular and the unconventional, establishing Kelela’s unique vision for songwriting and production. Situated in a universe where pop is necessarily challenging, Kelela’s songs are the result of her passion for the synergy between the vocalist, producer, and DJ. The album features production work from NGUZUNGUZU, Kingdom, DJ NA, Bok Bok, Jam City, Girl Unit and more. Expect a hugely moving live set!

Dance System

An integral member of London's Night Slugs label is returning to Lit City Rave after making the DJ debut of his new alias, Dance System. Check his ass-shaping, fist-pumping, booty workout mix on DIS Magazine, jam packed full of Ghetto Trax and exclusive new slugs.

Future Brown, Lit City Trax, Teklife

Lit City Trax, Teklife


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