Jazz Cigarette: Stand-up Comedy Showcase

Joe Hafkey

Mac Blake

Katie Pengra

hen Katie was bright, young, and chipper, she packed her bags and moved to LA where she just knew (that after minimal struggle) she would get discovered and spend her life as a paid performer. After years of eating too many Ramen Noodles and being repeatedly asked to show up to auditions in a bikini, she realized that Hollywood was not for her. At least not until she was bikini ready.

Since then she has been a puppeteer, a political canvasser, a barista, a public speaking coach, and a contributing author for various online publications. She did not miss Los Angeles, but she did miss performing. She decided to use her foul mouth, sardonic world view, and perpetual self deprecation as powers of productivity. She fit right in to the world of comedy. She can be found hosting at Cap City, doing a weekly show at The Velveeta Room, as a monthly contributor to The Encyclopedia Show: Austin, and at comedy festivals including Out of Bounds, the Ladies are Funny Fest, and the Moontower Comedy Festival.

Katie lives Austin, Texas where she is a freelance writer, a graduate student at Texas State University, and a teller-of-jokes-as-a method-of-therapy-and-self-preservation.

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