Power trio with a wall of sound and driving rhythms. Guitar - Bass - Drums
Billy - plays bass and sings like a mo' fo'. He played in various bands over the years, joined Sunfur, and recently wrote songs and produced an album with his band, Wilburn.

Emil - plays guitar and sings mainly backups. He played in cover bands, wedding bands, ethnic folk bands, and all kinds of bands. He started the band Dark Humor with Lu back in the late 80's, then started Sunfur in the mid 90...See More
Billy, Emil and Lu spent many years playing in various bands, and then formed Sunfur in the mid 90's. With Sunfur, we played 400 + shows all over California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. We played with some great bands over the years including Train, Papa Roach, Cake, Spearhead at various clubs around the Bay Area and festivals throughout California.

Fighting Smokey Joe

Fighting Smokey Joe is a pop and reggae rock band from Northern California formed by long time friends singer Monica Thiede and guitarist Dave Powell. Combining their love of rock and roots based music, it wasn't long before this songwriting team’s laid-back grooves, heavy hooks and catchy pop melodies paved the way to its reggae rocking sound. With a blend of Chili Pepper inspired riffs, soulful No Doubt like vocals, and an undeniable Sublime style groove, Fighting Smokey Joe is all about the love, great friends and good times.
On March 19, 2013 FSJ released their debut EP titled “Till The Morning” with Producer Arne Frager, The Plant Studios. The collection of songs includes hook laden and summer feel good song “All I Need Is You” and laid back, sing-a-long “Till The Morning.” The record was recorded in San Rafael, California by Alan Hertz and mastered by John Cuniberti.
Monica Thiede and Dave Powell were first introduced at a mutual friend’s jam. In 2010, the two met Bay Area drummer and percussionist Lu Rodriguez. With the addition of Marin County local bassist Tim Baker shortly after, FSJ’s rocking rhythm section was born.
The music of FSJ draws influence from a wide range of artists including Sublime, No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Michael Franti, Bruno Mars, Jack Johnson, Led Zeppelin, The Police, Pepper and many more.
“Till The Morning” is available on CD Baby, iTunes and all major online retailers. Check out the band’s website for all the latest news and upcoming shows at or follow us on Facebook at



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