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argonaut&wasp is Theo Klein and Trey Schibli from Burlington, Vermont. They make the type of music you’d hear on a dreamy summer night that you never want to end. It’s a sound that’s neither rock nor electronic but it nods to both. A product of a deep, yet eclectic musical upbringing, the duo effortlessly draws from funk, indie and dance to create a zeitgeist sound that’s truly their own. Imagine MGMT’s brand of psychedelic indie pop meeting Kaytranada’s world of R&B-infused deep house with a little dose of funk for good measure.

The duo started making music by pure chance. Trey, a seasoned guitarist and vocalist, was intrigued by the psychedelic blasts of thumping dance music emanating from production wizard Theo Klein’s dark apartment. The two of them linked and the rest is history. Announcing themselves to the world in August 2013 with “In The Drown”, the production team delivered a powerful record full of irresistible hooks and stunning songwriting. Indeed, their unique approach to composition blends the soulful feel of live instrumentation with the innate dance-ability of electronic production.

Having positioned themselves as one of the most exciting new acts to emerge out of Vermont in recent memory, argonaut&wasp quickly went to work recording their ambitious debut EP. Future Protocol is the result of that effort and it’s now set for release on February 20th, 2015.

Since its inception, the duo has enlisted a full live band for touring and recording, including lead guitar player Willoughby "The Shark" Morse, bassist Alec Donkin, and drummer Max Freedberg.

Expect big things from the boys this year because they’re only getting started.

Guthrie Galileo

Guthrie Galileo is a northern California-based composer of a unique brand of alternative R&B music that is derived from an eclectic blend of influences and a desire to express the realities of human experience—the good, the bad, and always, the most sincere. He has performed in various sections of the West and East coast of the United States, and has traveled independently well beyond national borders, always listening and learning from the cross-cultural relationships built with people and places, along the way, and manifesting them within his art. His second full-length LP, The Ifandbut, available on Bandcamp, was appropriately called "an ideal soundtrack for late-night dreaming and melancholic brooding" (Liz Cantrell, SevendaysVT).



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