The Parmesans

The Parmesans

The Parmesans are a string trio from San Francisco, California. Part contemporary folk, part alternative country, sort of blues and not quite bluegrass, their music centers on vocal harmony supported by arrangements for acoustic guitar, mandolin, double bass and trumpet. They released their debut LP, Wolf Eggs, in 2013 followed by the Nature's Burrito EP in 2014.

Cash For Gold

Formed from the ashes of beloved Bay Area rock bands, this unlikely trio found an instant rapport with one another and began writing music they had long been inspired by, such as bands like The Zombies and The Shangri-Las, with beautiful harmonies and melodies melding together to a dark, hypnotic vibe comparable to Beach House or The Raveonettes. It is apparent from their dynamic set of haunting ballads and dark rocking pop songs that their location deep within the paunch of the SF Tenderloin plays an important role in creating the perfect environment for these songs to be crafted. You can hear that the dark underbelly and grit from these streets have seeped into their music, lovingly carrying the listener through an array of restless, catchy melodies. Meet your new favorite band from San Francisco.

Mary Jones' Lights

Mary Jones' Lights started its life as a studio project between guitarist/songwriter, Alex Lasner and vocalist, Jon Keigwin, in the Summer of 2011. They are currently mixing their debut album, Twisted Roots of a Family Tree, which will be released later this year. Check for updates.


This dynamic Bay Area duo takes from the best of genres. With elements of Electro - Pop, Rock, Funk, Disco, and R&B, there sound touches something familiar, modern, and new to the ear. There music is arena big, and at times, living room intimate. They have aspects of many styles of music, yet retain something that's unique, and can only be described as Staring @ Stars.

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