Willy Tea Taylor (of The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit), Jason Eady

Willy Tea Taylor (of The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit)

Hard working Willy Tea Taylor co-fronts The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit with Chris Doud. Hailing from Oakdale, California, Willy released his first solo album in 2011 and he's been touring ever since. His album, 4 Strings, has been extremely well received by the independent music press.

Saving Country Music - “Willy Tea has two types of songs: good ones, and great ones. And the great ones are so great, it is hard to listen to them and then say that better songs have ever been written. And this isn’t just from the lyrics, but the way the lyrics mesh with the chords, and Willy’s soothing voice.”

No Depression Magazine - “Willy is just one of those rural America, proletariat-friendly, humble, down-to-earth good ol' boys, all bushy bearded, in faded denim overalls, wearing either a raggedy cap or straw hat, who can pick up a guitar or banjo and just play the hell out of it"..."Quite simply, Willy Tea Taylor is possibly one of the most important American singer/songwriters of our time."

“There has always been pop music, but country music was always the avenue out of adolescence and into the grown up world with grown up issues like responsibilities and family. Someone’s got to keep it alive, to preserve that kind of sound. That was our aim with this record.”

Jason Eady’s extensive background in “grown up issues” is what explains why the word “poet” is so frequently associated with his name. A six-year stint in the US Air Force as a translator placed him in a slew of foreign cultures giving him a universal look into the nature of human beings and a good jumping off point for his comprehensive lyrical translations. The Mississippi native and Texas transplant has spent the last seven years in an incubation period undergoing a musical metamorphosis that has led him through lonesome delta blues, inspirational church house harmonies, poetically spun tales of Americana and into the naked and honest regions of good ole’ country music.

John Thatcher

We dream of jumping off bridges onto the open road of our youths. A sunset ripping through us as we disappear into the aether. We long to sing like Hank Williams and write like Bukowski, but only manage to drink like them.


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