The She's

The She's are four natives of San Francisco who grew up as best friends in a city brimming with music. Inspired by their surroundings, each other, boredom and surfer boys, they began writing and performing their own brand of west-coast-garage-pop. They have played with touring bands such as GIRLS, The Morning Benders, The Thermals, and The Stone Foxes.

A recent write up in The Bay Bridged sums up what many have said:

"We have reported on The She’s in these (web) pages on several occasions, so of this night let us say primarily this: you can scratch “teen” off in front of “band.” This is one of the best bands in town, period. Their songwriting, their vocal arrangements, their tight playing and their polished yet completely unspoiled, cheery stage presence put them head and shoulders above volumes of their drinking-age peers."

The She's first full length record was released in November 2011, and they just finished recording an EP this summer.

Independent music from the west coast of Scotland has always had a kinship with psychedelic pop music from the west coast of America. Orange Juice loved The Byrds, Teenage Fanclub wanted to be in Buffalo Springfield, the Pastels adored the Electric Prunes. Dream Boys are a modern day trans atlantic love affair realized. Consisting of 3 americans and 1 scotsman, their songs have the spirit of postcard records filtered through the rural haze of the paisley underground. Pure pop with nods to New Zealand’s Flying Nun records and an aura of psychedelia akin to the Church. Their songs float around the notion of time and space, love and heartbreak, the highs and lows with a range of emotion and introspection. One can’t imagine these songs coming from any other band or from any other time other than now. These songs are psychedelic in the truest sense, a californian sun rises on a Glasgow street, rain fall during an indian summer, Dream Boys’ music lies somewhere in between this musical dream, in love with pop music with a sincerity unmatched. For fans of The Church, R.E.M., Rain Parade, The Chills, The Clean, The Byrds, Belle and Sebastian, The La’s, Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, etc. etc.

Alternately moody, frantic, and ecstatic, Wiles makes energetic rock music in Oakland, California. Male and female vocals twist over minimalist guitar, keys, and a driving rhythm section. Taking notes from '70s radio and early '90s west coast indie, a Wiles song can start as a muttered verse, build to a dramatic height, and drop into a big chorus of howls and harmonies.

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