The Devil

The Devil

Taylor Triano - vocals
Natale Collar - bass
Sara McManus - drums
Mike Teeter - guitar

Formed in September 2011

The Sluts

The Sluts are a two piece garage rock band from Lawrence, KS.

Mace Batons

{squarely within the modern indie rock genre}

Across The Earth

Across the Earth (formerly known as Tarkus Attacks!) is a two-piece comprised of Chris Bohatyritz and Nate Lewis. The duo met in Sarasota, FL in 2007 and started writing music when Chris moved up to Kansas City. Sharing interests in faith, worship, high energy riff rock and complex song structures, the two of them began to carve out a musical genre all their own.

Today, Across the Earth carries a tightly wrapped, charismatic set that's slightly mysterious and always energetic. They promise to keep your ears perky and your eyes in disbelief as they give you their all amongst mountainous stage props, light shows and more!



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