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Social Studies

Naming their sophomore album Developer is a bold move for the still-young band Social Studies. But it is as apt a descriptor as you're likely to find for how the sound of this San Francisco-based five-piece has flourished, matured, and, yes, developed over the past two years.

The band - led by Natalia Rogovin (vocals, keys) and Michael Jirkovsky (drums), who were joined in 2009 by bassist Jesse Hudson and guitarist Tom Smith and this year by second guitarist Ben McClintock - has already won a loyal fan base thanks to their arch take on modernist pop as heard on 2010 release Wind Up Wooden Heart. Social Studies has become a force to be reckoned with in concert as well, transfixing audiences at the CMJ Music Festival, SXSW, and Noise Pop, and bringing their unique energy and spirit to stages shared with TuneYards, Wye Oak, Lotus Plaza, Thee Oh Sees, Dodos, Ramona Falls and many more.

Now, on their new album, the goal was to strip things down to the basics, straighten out some of the more jagged lines of their previous work, and put the focus more on texture and mood. "Before, we were rebellious. We fucked with things just because we wanted to push limits and boundaries," says Rogovin. "Developer is a more adult record. We tried to explore sounds and draw out parts to write more moving and focused songs."

They enlisted the able ears and hands of engineer and co-producer Eli Crews (Tune-Yards, Deerhoof, Thao & Mirah) who helped hone this new barebones attack as well as reflecting the excitement of their stage show. On Developer, all the pieces have come together perfectly. The clear-eyed production helps bring out the dark, sexy heart of these ruminations on life, love, pain, and pleasure. The themes of the album are as complex as the songs are streamlined. "The album is about art, but it's also a cinematic exploration of those turning points in life that you didn't see coming and didn't realize were important until much later," says Rogovin.

Lead single "Terracur" calls the bluff of a headstrong friend threatening to leave, while "Away For the Weekend" turns the tables to justify a departure: “Ever discover another that makes you feel good, you always feel right/ the notion of fleeing the corporeal being/Just run to your other life.”

In Developer, Social Studies has succeeded in evoking a set of feelings and emotions that will linger with listeners long after the last notes have faded away. Warm, cold, or downright chilling, there is a connection between the personal and universal that the band taps into through a set of fearless and gripping songs.

FOLI (members of Social Studies, Record Release)

Foli is a two piece (gtr/vox and drums) consisting of Ben McClintock and Cam Bateman. It was spawned due to Ben's interest in playing louder,fuller arrangements of his bedroom recordings. They started rehearsing in early spring 2012 and are in the final stages of completing their first proper studio album recorded in San Francisco at Ear Relevant Recordings with producer John Karr. The music itself is some kind of poor man's attempt at blending the blues, noise, odd-time, and soul music. Think My Bloody Valentine, D'angelo, Battles, and Mount Eerie trying to write a song together.

The Tropics

The Tropics originated when songwriter/guitarist Eric Silverman and songwriter/vocalist Claire George each took a leap of faith and responded to a stranger’s Craigslist ad seeking new band members. After that chance meeting, they set out on their own to write songs and explore. Claire and Eric soon realized they were either musical partners, long lost brother and sister, or perhaps both.

After spending a summer writing songs, they emerged in late 2012 with a style of indie-rock and dance pop that was modestly akin to the flavor of Cold War Kids, coupled with the lyrical crooning of The Head and The Heart. Joined by Nate Skelton (Bass), Ro Elston (Guitar), and Kern Sigala (Drums), The Tropics have made a name for themselves in their local scene with high-energy live performances in their hometown of San Francisco. Claire’s fierce yet birdlike singing met with rocking group energy makes for whimsical songs and powerful shows.

The Tropics are currently putting the final touches on their debut LP at Different Fur studios located in the infamous Mission district, San Francisco.



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