Paul Carlon presents Billy Strayhorn Tribute

Paul Carlon presents Billy Strayhorn Tribute

Saxophonist/composer Paul Carlon presents a "Latin-side-of" reimagining of Billy Strayhorn's works on what would be the iconic composer's 98th birthday. Carlon's CD on Zoho Music, La Rumba is a Lovesome Thing, takes a whimsical look at an alternate reality where in Billy grew up a rumbero on the streets of Havana. With a mix of Afro-Cuban guaguancó, mambo, batá, bolero, Puerto Rican bomba, and Argentinian zamba, the album tears through ten Strayhorn gems utilizing Paul's working ensemble as well as guest percussionists Pedrito Martinez, Chembo Corniel, and Obanilu Ire.

This show will feature husky-voiced chanteuse Christelle Durandy, tresero Benjamin Lapidus, and conguero Paulo Stagnaro, as well as some brand new arrangements Paul has been working on since the release of La Rumba is a Lovesome Thing.

Paul Carlon: saxophones and flute
Anton Denner: alto saxophone, flute, and piccolo
Andy Gravish: trumpet
Mike Fahie and Mark Miller: trombones
John Stenger: piano
Dave Ambrosio: bass
William 'Beaver' Bausch: drumset
Paulo Stagnaro: congas
Benjamin Lapidus: tres and vocals
Christelle Durandy: vocals

“Mr. Carlon’s treatment is the best kind of fresh take on classic material, rendered with a perfect balance of adoration and irreverence that never misses the mark.” -- Will Friedwald, The Wall Street Journal

"Carlon's latest album, La Rumba is a Lovesome Thing, is to these ears a masterpiece"
-- Mick Carlon/JazzTimes, author of Riding on Duke's Train/Travels With Louis

"Saxophonist Paul Carlon's Latin look at the compositions of Billy Strayhorn goes all the way on a cover of "Take the ‘A' Train." The arrangement includes five-horn chords, tres riffing from Benjamin Lapidus, Christelle Durandy's strong vocals, a determined funk section and a focused, percussion-fueled trombone solo from Mike Fahie. Four Stars."
--Brad Farberman, Downbeat Magazine

"Carlon brings Strayhorn's work into a new light on La Rumba Is a Lovesome Thing, delivering thoughtful arrangements that respectfully re-imagine the composer's work through Cuban traditions. The result is a beautiful collection of thoughtfully constructed arrangements that highlight the genius of Strayhorn's writing while giving us some insight into Carlon's modern musical world."
-- Chip Boaz, The Latin Jazz Corner

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