A 70th Birthday Tribute to Joni Mitchell, ft. Hannah Reiman + 7-piece Band

A 70th Birthday Tribute to Joni Mitchell

Hannah Reimann (vocals + piano) and her 7-piece band will perform selections of Joni Mitchell's songs from 1968-1974 in celebration of Joni Mitchell's 70th birthday!

ft. Hannah Reiman + 7-piece Band

New York City singer, songwriter, composer, pianist and actress HANNAH REIMANN grew up studying Classical music while forming rock bands with her friends. Her new single, "I Have a Dream," was written for a NYC Obama fundraiser in February 2008 saluting Martin Luther King, Jr.; the vocals recall traditional Gospel. As a chamber musician and piano soloist, she specializes in the eclectic music of Astor Piazzolla; her arrangements of his music with violist Paul Coletti have been heard internationally.

Her CD, "First Songs" introduces her "extraordinary voice" (XM Radio) which has evolved from that CD's Classical/Pop genre to that of a Rock musician with versatile ability of an actress to go from Pop to Country to Alternative and more. Hannah is a voice teacher and a piano teacher, instructing children and adults in styles she knows as an artist: Classical, Pop, Gospel, Rhythm and Blues, (R&B) Jazz, Broadway and Rock. She is also an inventor who owns a US Patent for a new invention for the piano.

The Complete Unknowns (a celebration of the music of Bob Dylan)

The Complete Unknowns are covering songs from Dylan's five-decade career.

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