In the summer of 1998 a high school kid known as Charles McCloud Duff suffered severe heartbreak from an unrequited love. As a result of debilitating depression he locked himself in the basement that summer and through nefarious coding measures he developed a complex network of hijacked computers which in tandem could be used to simulate his own fully immersive virtual utopia. Although his pain abated and he rapidly found a deep sense of belonging in his newfound 3D home, aberrations from crucial flaws in the code proved to be ultimately detrimental. Still to this day, he is unable to completely withdraw from his so called "Matrixx" lest his neural pathways be fried to a crisp. Somewhere along the line he fell prey to a delusion convinced that if he composed the perfect piece of music he would then unlock a secret doorway out of his realm leading back to reality as we know it.

Armed with more than ten years of DJ experience, Vin Sol's masterful live sets, production, critically acclaimed mix tapes, and dedication to the tradition of party rocking have made him one of the most influential and in demand DJs around. Born and raised in San Francisco Vin is known as a master of the profession with a forward thinking approach to DJing and an unusually deep knowledge of music history. These skills collide in his production, whether it be with his group Caligula or his own projects. Influenced by the Bay Area's diverse music scene of the 1990's, Vin began digging for rock, soul, funk and disco, club and hip hop records as a kid and his legendary collection will never stop growing.

Vin's musical wizardry hasn't gone unnoticed by The Fader, XLR8R, and local press. In 2008, he was the winner of Smirnoff and 7X7's Best DJ in SF competition and he is just getting warmed up . . . Look for Vin in New York, where his latest rare finds are hitting the clubs.

Robert James

Soo Wavey Records / Viennetta Discotheque


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