Del Castillo

Del Castillo

Great art from all periods reflects the collective mood of that time period on many levels. Times are changing and America is changing. We are inarguably living in a New America; a place where the mood and the spirit of the people is guiding us through crisis and revival. . It is a spirit that beckons the audience to step outside of the old formula and join the new journey. DEL CASTILLO's sound is a result of each member being possessed by a boundless, creative spirit and allowing it to guide them on an amazing musical journey

DEL CASTILLO has become a symbol of the cross-cultural power of music with their eclectic blend of Rock, Latin, Blues, and World music. Now, in 2012 having released eight albums to date, you can hear their sound evolve from the first eponymous album and progress into a bigger more visceral sound through the years and is what makes each album so original and unique. The band calls their style “Nuevo Americano” and is taking their sound to the world. To truly experience DEL CASTILLO one must see them live!

Not too long ago jazz was born in America. Then Blues. Then Rock. All these styles were born out of a need for artists/musicians to creatively explore and express themselves through an old medium in a new way - without boundaries. Truly embodying the spirit of freedom. It allowed artists and musicians to escape their troubles and inspire the same spirit in the listeners. "Nuevo Americano" is conceived in that same spirit.

DEL CASTILLO got its start when five old hometown friends from South Texas Rio Grande Valley all crossed paths in the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX. Mark and Rick were roomates at the time. Since they had never truly played together they decided to write and produce a special holiday album for family and friends. Alex Ruiz also began writing with Mark del Castillo in 1999 after meeting at a mutual friends party. Together they wrote “Porque”, “Suenos Madrigales”, “La Luz a Mi Paso” even before working with Rick del Castillo. Around the same time Mike Zeoli was teaching as well as performing in Austin in a number of different groups from Reggae to Jazz to Punk, and even a Metal/Rock band (called Milhouse) which was with Mark. Since Mark & Rick were roomates (with a home studio) Rick wound up producing two Milhouse albums (among numerous other projects) and then soon after began producing the first Del Castillo album, "Brothers Of The Castle". It started as an instrumental work but when Mark introduced Rick to the songs he had written with Alex the project naturally evolved to the next level. At the same time, word got around fast Albert Besteiro was in Austin. Since Albert & Rick had a long musical history together (their first band was together in 7th grade) it made sense to reunite and continue their musical journey together once again. Initially though, Albert was reluctant to play bass since his true love is the guitar, but he finally agreed to join the band one night over a cheap bottle of wine and some delicious, salty snacks and that is how DEL CASTILLO was born! The newest member to join forces (in 2010) is Jason Murdy bringing his amazing talent and expertise on percussion. This is the core band.

After receiving positive and encouraging responses from everyone who heard the songs they channeled their collective focus into this new band. In early 2002, the Austin American Statesman wrote, “…For a band that played its first gig only six months ago, DEL CASTILLO is, indeed, going places.” Encouraged by the immediate response and acceptance, they started playing regular shows in Austin and quickly built a following. In March of that year, they received the first of what would be many Austin Music Awards at the South By Southwest music festival.

DEL CASTILLO became one of Austin’s most popular bands and they swept the Austin Music Awards, winning seven awards including “Band of the Year” and “Album of the Year.” During that time, Del Castillo was introduced to filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. He invited Rick to contribute guitar on the soundtrack of his film “Spy Kids 3D: Game Over,” and at the premier of the film in Austin in 2003 the band performed live with Robert joining Rick and Mark on guitar. Also,the band contributed the song “Dias de Los Angeles” to his next film, “Once Upon a Time in Mexico.” The premier for the film was held in New York that year and Del Castillo performed live, joined on stage by Robert, Antonio Banderas, Cheech Marin, and Patricia Vonne.

All the while, the band continued to write and record new songs, and in late 2002 they released their follow-up CD, Vida, which took them to the next level. The Austin Chronicle wrote, “…if Vida is proof, their road to fame will be as short as an I-35 entrance ramp” Rolling Stone Magazine described the band as “tumbling brilliance on nylon-string classical guitars…eruptions of technique and taste (that) conjure images of Eddie Van Halen fronting early Santana (with an assist from the Gypsy Kings).”

Robert Rodriguez filmed the band’s performance at the CD release party for Vida for a live DVD. The Del Castillo LIVE DVD released in early 2004. Also that year, Quentin Tarantino used the Del Castillo song “Malaguena Salerosa” as performed by Chingon, in “Kill Bill, Vol. 2” and Chingon, the musical collective with Robert Rodriguez and some of his closest musical compadres, including members of Del Castillo performed at the premier of the film in Los Angeles winning over still more Hollywood fans as Uma Thurman and Vivica A. Fox kicked up their heels. Alex even appeared in the film “Sin City” in 2005 at Robert’s request.

The band was enjoying great success throughout Texas touring extensively across the country, playing shows with such artists as Ozomatli, Los Lonely Boys, Los Lobos, Styx, Kinky, deSol, and others. They toured non-stop through 2006 and performed at three of Willie Nelson’s 4th Of July Picnics, and at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, and they have made numerous national and local TV appearances.
DEL CASTILLO is now promoting their newest album, "Infinitas Rapsodias" which includes brand new footage of the band behind the scenes recording, jamming some old favorites live and also video footage from their European tour in 2011. An extensive European summer tour is to follow.

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Patricia Vonne

"Imagine a young Chrissie Hynde fronting the Mavericks w/ a little help from Calexico" WORD

"w/ a sultry blood red vocal style & a dramatic songwriting flair, the strikingly exotic Vonne combines south-of-the-border mariachi sizzle, southwestern mythology, Texas roots-rock & spaghetti western cinematic sweep on this compelling bilingual effort." No Depression

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