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Atlas Heights

David Goldman
Shane Harrington
Stephen Hunt




Ben Workman, Ed Kaufmann and Luke Folger formed Erostratus in January of 2009 in Brooklyn, NY. With influences ranging from Shiner, The Mars Volta, The Pixies and The Cure and many more, they were able to build a unique sound that has complete originality married to a balancing dose of pop formulation. Continuous experimentation with time, dynamics and texture brings an epic story out of each work.

Holy City Zoo

4 dudes who get together and make tunage for their/your listening pleasure.


LUMPS used to be three dudes from sunny San Diego transplanted in cloudy San Francisco, who were looking to share their version of a dance party soundtrack with people who like their jams pounding, simple, and loud. While most of that still applies, LUMPS now operates out of Brooklyn, sometimes as an electro-garage-rock-one-man-show and other times as a full blown live band with real drums and everything.

$5.00 - $7.00


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