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"one of the most exciting blues acts on the Toronto scene in years." --Tim Perlich, NOW, Jan 22-29 09

"wicked debut album [from] commendably hard 'n' scuzzy dirt-blues trio CATL" -- Ben Rayner, TORONTO STAR

ningún lado' laces the whiskey-soaked swagger of the deep south with some balls-to-the-wall bite." -- EYE WEEKLY, Jan 22-29 09

¿Adónde vas? A ningún lado MAKES TOP 10 OF 2008 FROM CJLO MONTREAL - "duo from T.O. with energy to spare; these guys ripped the shit out of Bar St.Laurent 2 for their album launch and upstaged the world with their music actuel (by that I mean, they could have been doing this on the Bayou 55 years ago) with songs like "Pick-up Killed My Ford" and "Hey! Hey!", not to mention shockingly authentic covers of McDowell, Bobby Dylan, and Ledbetter."

MONTREAL MIRROR REVIEW OF CATL'S DEBUT RECORD ¿Adónde vas? A ningún lado (Coletrain) "Now that Fat Possum has lost the plot, while blue-eyed blues revisionists continue sleepwalking through the same barrelhouse boogie, it seems real blues is a dying form. Thank God for this TO duo, who bring the smash and bash of true juke-joint blues while packing in a fair heaping of the good Captain Beefheart's sense of dementia. Ten songs here that draw blood and manage to bring something new to the table, with their swampy stabs at Memphis Minnie, Bob Dylan, Leadbelly and Fred McDowell instilling deviance." 8/10 Trial Track: "Outlaw Blues" (Johnson Cummins 12/04/08)

"... amazing and exciting and super sexy. If you see that they are playing, tell your mom to get her own self to her hair appointment because you got a lava-hot band to see." -DJ Anousheh

"Catl proved his proficiency in [his] creepy swamp blues genre, laying down a set of warped acoustic jams. Sounding a bit like that freaky, helmet-wearing troubadour Bob Log III, he planted himself on the floor off the stage and proceeded to give his guitar hell while howling into a distorted mic. When he finished, the crowd around him tried applauding him back out, but no dice." -NOW (Toronto)



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