Ladies Drink Free, I Am The Third, Karma Darwin, Funknasty, African Americana

Ladies Drink Free

Born from a love of the great artists of Funk, R&B, Soul, and Jazz, Ladies Drink Free is a nine piece ensemble that blends an eclectic array of influences to create a unique sound that has been described as Arena Funk. Formed in the summer of 2011, the band is composed of friends that have been playing together since their middle school days. The deep history among the band’s lineup is the key to their tightness as a group, and rich, layered sound. Ladies Drink Free combines hard grooves, lush keys, and crisp horn licks to create a sonic elixir that combines the essence of old school rare grooves with the sensibilities of modern rock and dance music.
In January of 2013 they released their debut EP, "Sit Down Doggy," which Metropolitan Jolt says, “will have you bumpin up and down in your seat,” and captures the band’s energy, which “shines through their voices and instruments.”
Ladies Drink Free has been making a name for itself with the recent popular resurgence of funk music, playing a number of well-received shows throughout New York. LDF has gained a reputation for its lively performances, which feature a mix of dynamic originals and time-tested classics to keep the crowd moving.

I Am The Third

I AM THE THIRD is a Rock & Soul band based in Bushwick Brooklyn. They bring together an eclectic group of musicians to create a classic yet unique sound that merges classic soul and rock music with a contemporary sensibility. Alec Stephens III started the project in 2010 and met most of his band mates in the heart of the Bushwick music scene through Potion Collective, a music and arts collective that has over 700 active members. The band released a 7 track EP called 'Kill The Kittens' in 2012, and is currently recording new material. I AM THE THIRD puts on a powerful live performance and have been playing all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, Connecticut and New Jersey for the past several years.

"The city can get you down sometimes, but fortunately, it also offers an abundance of music that can serve as an antidote to its poison. Alec Stephens III, who goes by I Am The Third, composes what he calls “dream rock,” music to listen to while you’re chasing your aspirations in the concrete jungle. On the self-titled EP, Stephens’ inspirational music draws from soul, gospel, roots rock and hip hop that mingle to lift spirits during those inevitable rough patches. At times, he evokes contemporaries like Jason Mraz and Dispatch but brings it back old school with references to Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. His exuberance is contagious, and before you know it, you’ll be singing your cares away with him."
- Nancy Chow, The Deli (NYC) , Issue #28, Fall/CMJ 2011 (Oct 13, 2011)

Karma Darwin

Formed in early 2013 Karma Darwin is a progressive new band that mixes high energy sound and harmonies with smooth vibrant riffs. Formed locally in Putnam County, NY the band consists of Drew Stubbs - Guitar & Vocals Alex Peterson - Guitar & Vocals John Newton - Bass & Vocals and Ryan Lowry - Drums.


Funknasty started out winter 2011 as Anthony Cavuoto, Ed Nevin, and Rob Keane. During those days we frequently played shows at the Long Island Ale House and O'Briens until one fateful night where our old drummer Rob Keane spontaneously combusted on stage at the first Werple Madness. At this time both Anthony and Ed took to the acoustic open mic rodeo until new members Skizzy and Josh Smith came into the picture and we have become a full band yet again later accompanied by Ben Trusnovec on keys and Mikey Vitale (formaly of The Yellow Dubmarine) which was the final topping on the cake. After a few great gigs and acid trips gone wrong the present line-up is Anthony, Ed, Josh, Skizzy, and most recent adition Joe Abdat as the MC/Hypeman. Since then we have been constantly playing shows all through out NY and developed a strong dedicated following of barflies and festival goers along the way. We look forward to providing you with quality Jam based Funk for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

African Americana

African Americana is an experimental electronica band from Macon, GA composed of Amadeus A (vocals, electronics) and Tommy Superior (vocals, guitar). Both Amadeus A and Tommy Superior hail from the GA-Based creative collective, Universal Kingdom.



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