Kill Lincoln

Kill Lincoln

Following in the footsteps of bands like Less Than Jake, The Suicide Machines, and We Are The Union, Washington DC's Kill Lincoln blends no-bullshit ska-punk with addictive rock anthems, throwing in the energy of a basement hardcore show for good measure. Their recklessly fun punk ethics collide with quality musicianship, sounding like the bastard son of Kid Dynamite and Streetlight Manifesto. If you're not circle-pitting then you're probably screaming along, and humming the horn lines while you're nursing your hangover the next day. Mixing in elements of hardcore, skate punk, and pop punk, there's something for everyone…as long as everyone likes it fast and fun.


An energetic bounce and sing-along-ready vocals are two of the most immediately noticeable qualities to Broadcaster's brand of rock music. The Long Island, NY-based 3-piece have shown remarkable consistency in their output without releasing the same song twice. The result is something almost canonical--their discography is only a few releases long, but there is a well-worn feel to the music, a blend of modern punk and indie rock with a pleasant helping of 90's college rock influence. Comparisons to bands like Jawbreaker, Superchunk, and The Weakerthans are inevitable but favorable. Their most recent release, Tightrope Walker, recorded with J Robbins, is a concise, fully-realized display of the catchy, fuzzy energy that Broadcaster have made their own. Steady touring and consistent releases of new music have helped the band grow in both popularity and songwriting expertise, and the band shows no signs of stopping: a Robbins-helmed full length is due in 2013, and if Broadcaster's back catalog is any indication, it should prove to be one of the must-hear albums of the year.


Whiskey-tinged rock-and-roll punk from the Nation's Capital. All bout dat #lunchdessert



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