Vagabond Swing

Vagabond Swing

The very essence of music lies within the creative blending of classic sounds and modern concepts. Holding to these ideals, the band Vagabond Swing blends acoustic musical tastes from the past and present. With fragrances of old time jazz and swing to modern gypsy aromas, Vagabond Swing rings true.

"Their jazz-flecked gypsy music changes tempo and uses some seemingly Afro-Caribbean percussion. Their drummer, Roy Durand, is a monster percussionist as well as a great singer, and he's definitely one to watch around the Lafayette music scene these days"- The Times of Acadiana.

"After Downtown Alive!, I drifted over to Artmosphere for their happy hour band. Vagabond Swing is an acoustic act that blends ragtime jazz with gypsy swing. Musically complicated and layered with fun, light lyrics, Vagabond Swing (Jesse Duplechin, Jon Stone, Roy Durand, Hayden Tally, and Josh Leblanc comprise the group) were the perfect band to listen to while sitting on a porch in Louisiana's temperate April weather. They played the following night with a band reviewed here before, The Givers..."-The Times of Acadiana.



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