Caitlin Mahoney, Christine Hoberg, Canet, Theresa Gorella

Caitlin Mahoney

Caitlin Mahoney, a singer-songwriter based in New York City, has a soulful and rich sound emanating from lyrics about adventure, passion, chaos, and love. Caitlin was first introduced to music as an infant, taking her first steps likely with a Bruce Springsteen song playing in the background. A child with a true ear for music, Caitlin was transformed by the Boss's passion for storytelling and began instilling this in her own musical exploration. Caitlin originally focused on vocal aspirations, emerging full-force on Orlando's musical theater scene in high school. She earned awards for her performances along with an opportunity to join the Cappies International Theater for a performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. at the age of seventeen.

At Florida State University, where she studied English, Spanish, and music, Caitlin was frequently heard belting out her songs at one of Tallahassee's famous dive bars, The Warehouse. With charity events, the National Anthem at an FSU basketball game, and countless open mic nights under her belt, Caitlin left the capital of Florida for a semester abroad in Spain. There her zest for adventure created a wealth of inspiration for some of her best-known songs. Scribbling on napkins in coffee shops, contemplating rhythms during bus rides from Valencia to Madrid, and soaking up the beauty of the Spanish landscape filled Caitlin's journal to the brim. She left Spain in 2010 with new songs and performances in Paris, Munich, and Valencia amplifying her musical resume. It wasn't long after her return to the states that New York City beckoned her to its fountain of endless artistic inspiration. She could not resist.

Since her arrival in New York City, Caitlin has played shows throughout the boroughs, winning over crowds with her infectious charm and contagious smile. In 2011, she released her first single on iTunes, "A Year Ago Yesterday," an upbeat, acoustic tune that spins the silver lining of heartbreak. Caitlin teamed up with producer Jeff Fettig this past fall for her debut EP, West for a While, which will be released in April 2013.

The title track "West for a While" uses a contagious chorus melody to frame a folk-pop song about using struggle as a tool for personal growth. The song's warm harmonies and instrumental arrangements allow for an optimistic, hopeful invitation for adventure. "Wrong" blends a bright mandolin, guitar, and redolent vocals to explore the theme of hindsight in a decision in love. The sultry track "Devil on the Side" exhibits Caitlin's range as a lyricist and as a musician. The EP finishes with "You Are a Safe Place," a ballad that demonstrates Caitlin's notable vocal chops while touching on love and comfort in an evocative way. The EP is a metaphorical exploration of what it means to "go west" and what to do once you get there.

Christine Hoberg

New York composer and vocalist Christine Hoberg will return with her LP, World Within Winter 2014. The follow-up to her 2011 Moonlight Never Shined So Bright this new album was recorded in Christine’s Brooklyn home with an analog forefront.

“This album is about my fascination with worlds that exist within each other. I have very vivid dreams. We rest ourselves and awake in another world for hours each day. We spin on a tiny globe and can see the stars and forget that we are looking through a darkening atmosphere at suns that are much greater than ours. They have their own tiny planets and, odds are, other lives awake on those tiny spinning planets. We are marching around in a tiny universe. We have tiny microbes crawling on our skin making us their tiny universes. Every last human being grew inside the soul and capsule of a woman’s soul and self. We have an emotional and spiritual world we move within solely on our own. A world within a world. We are all held together inside of other worlds. Awake and asleep and awakening again without end into other worlds again.”

Hoberg’s 2012 collaboration with Flight Facilities on the song, “Clair de Lune” has helped launch both artists’ careers, going viral and gaining over 2 million views. It also reached #17 on the year-end Triple J charts, went Gold in Australia, was featured on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and was given promotion by American musician Alicia Keys.


Canet is the collaboration of two musicians Agusti Canet and Daniel Tortoledo, they both live in the city of Brooklyn and have been working together since Jan 2011. In less than a year they have recorded and mixed a full length album, which has captured and translated imageries from inspirational books and movies from authors such as Jack Kerouac and Sergio Leone and obtained this very soothing and well crafted production entitled Maybe One Day. Influences from musicians and bands such as David Bowie, Johny Cash, Syd Barret, Velvet Underground, The Kinks and Wilco are noticeable through out this production.

Theresa Gorella

Singer/songwriter, confused over achiever, country pop singer.

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