JL of BHood

“We created a mutha fucking monster..,” Tech N9ne said of up and coming artist JL of B.Hood. Jason Varnes, better known as JL, is more than just another wannabe MC. With his witty rhymes, different styles, and distinctive talents, this true wordsmith has already won the hearts of locals in his hometown of Kansas City.
Venturing out from B.Hood (Brotherhood, a rap trio started with his brothers Vi Royal & Zoo) JL has taken the local hip hop scene by storm. His first solo project, entitled “Just Landed” dropped in 2011. The mix tape created buzz worthy recognition and boasted JL’s fan base dramatically. As well as headlining shows locally and in surrounding cities, he has opened up for artists like Tech N9ne, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Machine Gun Kelly, Ace Hood, Tha Jacka, Hurricane Cris, Krizz Kaliko, Chip The Ripper, Chevy Woods, and Jay Rock amongst others.
Well known for his chopper style, in March 2011 JL was a featured artist on Tech N9ne’s, “Worldwide Choppers,” a single that collaborated some of the world’s best known choppers including, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Yelawolf, & Ceza, along with a few other rappers from across the globe. “Strangeland” fans also recognize JL from other features like, “Far Out” from Tech N9ne’s “The Ollie Gates Mixplate,” “I’m The One” from Kutt Calhouns EP “Red Headed Stepchild,” “And most recent “A Real 1” on Techs EP “E.B.A.H.
JL’s third and latest solo project, “Brain Scatter” an LP that dropped on August 18, 2012 proves that he is a versatile lyricist. Not only does the album feature bangers like, “Sporadic Brain Matter,” “D.I.B.K.I.S” and “Say You Love Me,” which featured Tech N9ne, it also has a couple of smooth joints like, “Perfect Team” and “Diamonds.” With JL’s thriving potential and consistent hard work, he is proven to be on a prominent road headed towards some well-deserved recognition. So, don’t sleep on his music, his progress is only getting better!

Joey Cool

A presence that precedes him Joey Cool is a giant in the local scene. With performances and collaborations with well known artists like Dutch Newman, COA, JL B.Hood, Mac Lethal and Tech N9ne Joey Cool is no stranger to the local limelight. Also a part of the group 3 the Hard Way Joey displays his talent in a variety of different ways. With a long list of mixtapes, EPs and albums including Deliverance 1, 2 and 3, Unexpected EP, Unheard EP, Onslaught, and Swanky Joey Cool has been busy making his mark in Kansas City hip hop. Able to attract fans with a variety of different tastes this artist is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Joey Cool’s style is portrayed in his name and could be easily described as that... cool. Known for his self-created “Swanky” style Joey Cool emanates this style in his tracks and performances. A style that is very laid back and feel good comes out mixed with lyrics that make Joey Cool beyond comparison with other artists. No one in the local scene is doing it like Joey Cool is doing it. With musical influences from all different genres of music from classic rock to Muddy Waters to hip hop Joey Cool is the type of rapper that can rap on anything.

Joey Cool’s debut independent album Magnum Opus has been the best received so far and is available for download at thejoeycool.bandcamp.com. It is obvious that a lot of work was put into this album and the sound quality is great. Joey Cool was able to display his true potential as an artist while also showing us all how to live that swanky life. This Fall Joey will be expanding his art by touring in cities throughout the Midwest and West Coast hitting place like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Chicago.

Dutch Newman

Kansas City born and bred, Dutch Newman brings his high energy and lyrical performances to stages around the area. Being a part of multiple groups, 3 The Hard Way and The Lonely Hearts Club, and producing his own solo material keeps Dutch Newman on the forefront of Kansas City hip hop. His prolific catalog and numerous musical collaborations have made Dutch Newman a household name in the Kansas City music scene.


Second Hand King

Second Hand King, Joe Stanziola, walks down a profound lane not commonly heard in your standard definition of hip hop. This artist provides the unrivaled passion you can feel & hear in his music from a genre he defines as Doo Wop music. His name derived from a 1966 Doo Wop song known as “The Joker went Wild” by Brian Hyland finds his heart in Doo Wop while his story telling finds home in Hip-Hop. To describe this musician, writer & talented artist as solely another rapper on the scene would be an injustice to the versatility and unique art he creates. With influences and sounds that range across several genres of music including Classic Rock, Doo Wop, Folk, Rap, and Hip Hop it is no surprise that the constant evolving of this artist shines through to give perspective to his unique stance in the scene.
Coming off of the successful releases of his first albums, going by names such as All My Fears, Lower Depths, and Chuck, Second Hand King tells an outstanding arrayment of stories and tales through a tightrope style of hip hop he loves and has develop a strong love for. Admittedly raised by hip hop, honing his skills on forums like Rap-Royalty, this musician finds solitude and inspiration during the difficult segments of his life through other members of the hip hop community. With the unique entanglement of genres not usually heard together, this artist brings an incredible blend of genres, taking the listener to a place that is of pure art and also extremely entertaining due to the heart felt delivery portrayed by his expirences and real life emotion via song.
Reminiscencent, if the late Eyedea started crooning in a Doo Wop band in the 50's, this artist hits hip hop scene with a style and background that no other artist comes close to in comparison or magnitude. To relate this artist to any other would only be selling him short, allowing his uniqueness to stand out firm and strong on its own. Second Hand King has been vigorously writing and performing since high school and has not stopped since. Experienced in the formation of music, He brings the listener into a diverse amount of specific emotions through the use of various sounds and vocal styles. Second Hand King has been carving out his own niche in hip-hop, creating a community and following under the slogan: The Doo Wop Movement.
Second Hand King now sets his sights on creating a stronghold in the scene. With a professionalism and humbleness, this musician deserves every inch of respect he gains. Not afraid to leap out of the box don’t be surprised by the ripples that this artist is already making and will surely make in the future. Now working on his next project set to release soon, keep an eye out for Second Hand King because there is really something special that deserves to be noticed.



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