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Lord Mantis

Lord Mantis is an American sludge / black metal band featuring members of Seventh Rule labelmates Indian and avant black metallers Avichi, as well as an ex-member of Nachtmystium.

The ‘Mantis was formed in Chicago, Illinois in 2008 and wields a “bludgeoning sound” with “an extra layer of darkness,” in the words of the UK’s Rock Sound — a sonic descent into hell, akin to Neurosis, Zeni Geva, and even Immolation.

Seventh Rule released Lord Mantis’ full length debut, Spawning the Nephilim, on April 28, 2009. Spawning The Nephilim was recorded and mixed by Sanford Parker (The Gates of Slumber, Lair of the Minotaur) and mastered by Collin Jordan (Ministry, Pigface).

Blackened Sludge
An:Drew Markuszewski - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Charlie Fell - Bass/Vocals
Bill Bumgardner - Drums
Ken Sorceron - Guitar

Coffinworm was formed under watchful eye of Choronzon in late 2007. The 'Great Bringer of Night' demo was recorded by Bob Fouts (Basement Rage Studios) in late 2008/early 2009 and led to an alliance with Profound Lore Records shortly afterwards. The 'When All Became None' full-length was recorded by Sanford Parker in December of 2009 within Semaphore Studios, Chicago, and released in April 2010. S
ummer 2010 saw a lineup change with J. joining the fold on drums and C. moving from behind the kit to guitar. The band is currently working on material that will comprise the second full-length release on Profound Lore Records.

Sons of Famine

SONS OF FAMINE emerged from the razor-winds and salty streets of Chicago, during the season of frost in 2012. Embracing the path of lawlessness, they secrete the sounds of chaos, blackness, and death, without bowing to rules of genre or typical structure.

Although conception is fairly recent, it's founders have kept the fires of extreme music burning for years as current/ex/session members of CorpseVomit, Yakuza, Kommandant, Nachtmystium, Lividity,
Gigan, and Cum Christ.

Their music is for fans of chaos, death, and the extreme way of life!

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