Too Short

Too Short

Todd Anthony Shaw, better known by the stage name Too $hort, is an American rapper who started his career at the age of fourteen in East Oakland, Oakland, California. Too $hort has sold about 11 million albums in the US alone with 18 albums released and an average of 600,000 copies per album.

If Oakland lyricist RGLND (pronounced rag-land) could use one word to describe
himself, it'd probably be "raunchy." The free-minded rapper is a member of the
talented collective known as Life Before Time (LBT). Though young, RGLND has
a ton of musical accomplishments under his belt, from gracing the stage in front
of thousands at Hiero Day to performing with TDE's Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar,
and Schoolboy Q. Hip Hop legends, Tajai and Pep Love of the Hieroglyphics, have
recognized RGLND's talent and participated in a cypher alongside him and fellow
LBT rapper, T-Ran. 4 years in the game, it's obvious that RGLND has already made
major moves, but after seeing him perform, one can only anticipate what he has
coming next.

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