Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers

Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers

"We're a Chicago-Irish band." That's how front man Kevin Flynn best describes the Celtic inspired sound of Kevin Flynn and The Avondale Ramblers. Based out of the Avondale neighborhood on Chicago's north side, KF & The Ramblers bring a rollicking take on Gaelic music that reflects the working-class, religious, drunken, sometimes violent (yet always somewhat beautiful) aspects of their city. Though the band's sound is steeped in the influence of traditional Irish music, their songs are anything but traditional…

"We kind of look at our music the same way Led Zeppelin looked at theirs," says Flynn. "The basis of their sound was the blues – but they expanded on it. They took it into new and interesting areas. That's what we try to do with Celtic/Gaelic music." It's certainly something they accomplish. Country, folk, gospel and rock seem to meld seamlessly with their Irish tunes. The lyrical perspective is also unique: "We're from here – so our songs are about Chicago, not Ireland," continues Flynn. "Instead of singing about Ireland's pubs, rolling fields and characters we sing about the Harp & Shamrock, Michigan Avenue and Mayor Daley. We don't sing with a brogue – we sing with our Midwestern accents."

Along with lead singer/guitarist Kevin Flynn, the Avondale Ramblers are comprised of a stellar cast of veteran players from the Chicago music scene including members of MILLION YEN, NASH KATO BAND and MARY TYLER MORPHINE.

Kevin Flynn-Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Sean Mulroney-Ampeg Baby Bass/Vocals
Nils St. Cyr-Electric Guitar/Vocals
Andy Gerber-Mandolin
Fred Frey-Drums/Vocals

So grab your beer and your girl and get on the dance floor. Keep your eyes open for Kevin Flynn this year in Chicago and beyond!

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First show ever played to a sold out crowd at the Double Door on St. Patrick's Day – March 17th, 2007
Opened several sold out shows in 2007 for Chicago's legendary 'The Tossers'
Played with 'Cranky George' – featuring James Fearnley of 'The Pogues' on June 8th 2007 @ Molly Malone's in Los Angeles, CA (And were joined on stage by Fearnley for a rendition of Dirty Old Town!)
Opened for the Young Dubliners at Chicago's House of Blues on Feb. 29th 2008
Opened for The Tossers at Chicago's METRO for a SOLD OUT audience on March 14th, 2008
Were featured on Chicago's WXRT 93.1 FM's Local Anesthetic program
Were featured on Chicago's WBEZ 91.5 FM's 848 program on St. Patrick's Day 2008
Opened for Murphy's Law on 7/30/08


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