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Witchtrap's Metal is: Unfit music, Nasty music, Aggressive music, Noisy music, for the ears of our parents!!! No More Beautiful Music in Metal!!!

Ancient Wound

Ancient Wound formed in 2004 to create a thrash assault of old school metal fit to accompany a satanic blood march and a fall through an endless vortex. A self-titled demo was released in early 2005 which included rough recordings of three songs, and in Autumn of 2005 a full length was recorded with Colin Marston of Pain Cave Studios. This album has been self-released on CD and is slated for a tape release by Aural Offerings records of France. AW has also recorded a second full-length with Marston at his Menegroth: Thousand Caves studios; The Winterholder will be released sometime in late 2009.


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