Mystical, ridiculous, deranged and sublime, the comical teases the sincere in this intergalactic adventure to the raucous epicenter of an ass-shaped planet. A close collaboration between brothers Dylan and Nathan Germick, this ambitious debut is their first attempt to fuse Dylan’s soulful theatrics and instinctual funkiness with Nathan’s epic and introspective productions. Several years in the making, the shrapnel of obliterated genres orbit around this mutant hybrid like space junk in an alien universe that defies logic, but somehow still makes sense.

Hailing from San Francisco, NVO is a music collective dedicated to melting faces and rocking dance floors with original beats, remixes, visuals, and light shows. The group’s four-piece core features Greg Maximov on live drums, DJ/producer DUDHAUS (aka Justin Ward) on sequencers and synths, Chuck Jones on sampling, scratching and Kaossilators, and songwriter Mike Laglia laying down effect-driven guitar wizardry. With influences spanning genres and live shows featuring equal parts ethereal dream states, dirty warehouse raves, and sci-fi movie samples, NVO continues to amaze audiences with their unique approach to live electronica and club rocking bangers.

Collaj (formerly 8th Grader)

COLLAJ (formerly 8th Grader), born Jay Martinovich, is a vocalist and producer out of San Francisco, CA.

Martinovich spent his youth contemplating every sound and human in the universe. From the phonemes of the Japanese & Danish language to the clave of the Afro-Cuban rhythms, Jay imbibed voraciously. He traveled, he sang, he connected. Ever curious and ever grounded in humanity, he lent his unique sense of empathy to social work, advocating for the disenfranchised.

In the hour of leisure, Jay’s passion for the idiosyncrasies of life was poured into late-night songwriting and lyrical harangues in his tiny apartment near Haight street in San Francisco. When melodies woke him every night and the project grew beyond the bedroom, COLLAJ became a full-time endeavor.

Since then Martinovich has churned out soulful pop hooks with syncopated grooves. His sensuous danceable productions are influenced by 70’s tropical-disco and electro-funk, yet are rounded out by sultry pop R&B vocals. In the live show, COLLAJ electrifies the stage with sharp dance moves and a full band at his back.
COLLAJ has collaborated with pop and dance music producers like Capital Cities, Spencer Ludwig (HISTORY) and Le Youth. He was an official performer at SXSW 2015, TBD, CMJ, and Sundance. COLLAJ has garnered the attention of industry DJs like Jason Kramer of KCRW and Grant Owens of We Found New Music. He has played clubs along the West coast in support of artists like Giraffage, Penguin Prison, Tribe Society and Magic Giant and has performed at taste-maker parties and venues like Blind Date, Woodshoppe, Dance yourself Clean, Spare Room, and Sayers Club.


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