(Hed) P.E.

Genre: Rock, Punk

Similar to: Korn, Static-X, System of a Down, Skindred

The quest to uncover the truth has given California-based hardcore pioneers (Hed)p.e. new life. While the band has weathered the stormy waters of the music business for over a decade and enjoyed a slew of successful albums, it’s their quest for answers that has given them purpose. Now with the release of their eighth studio album, “Truth Rising”, (Hed)p.e have become the voice for a movement that empowers youth and reveals the seedy underbelly of our current political affairs. While early (Hed)p.e. albums found the group mixed up in the rock n’ roll lifestyle, they were reborn after aligning themselves with California based Suburban Noize Records. The group’s first release under the partnership was 2006’s “Back 2 Base X”, which saw (Hed)p.e. adopting a socio-political mindset and picked up the torch that giants like Rage Against The Machine had once carried. Since then (Hed)p.e. has been embraced by underground music fans all across the globe who don’t subscribe to mainstream trends. (Hed)p.e’s grassroots rebirth has given the band the biggest success of their career, as their 2007 release "Insomnia" charted at #138 on the Billboard Top 200, and 2009's "New World Orphans" jumped to #72, proving that the group’s movement continues to grow.

Righteous Vendetta

For many in the heavy music scene, Righteous Vendetta needs little introduction. With two full length records under their belt along with numerous tours with a show history just over 800 shows in the past 4 years, Righteous Vendetta has amassed fans in the US and abroad while honing their performance skills to a fine edge. The Wyoming-based group's tight, technical brand of metalcore has earned them a great deal of respect as well as publicity, with features in publications such as HM, Amp, Hails and Horns, and AP. Most recently, they embarked on a European tour with veterans Spoken and Inhale Exhale, hitting half a dozen countries across central and eastern Europe. Meanwhile, Righteous Vendetta's single 'This Pain' spent 15 weeks in the top 20 on Billboard's Christian Rock chart, achieving commercial success rarely seen by bands who cut their teeth in the hardcore and metal scene, while also signaling a new creative direction for the band's upcoming release. Look for new material from Righteous Vendetta in spring 2013.

Blacklite District

Combing the sound of vintage heavy metal, with a new twist on todays hit rock/pop sound and updated appearance is one of the main themes of the current Hard Rock scene. Blacklite District brings all of that to the table with the addition of an explosive live performance and music that truly sticks out from the rest.

Blacklite District is originally from the Black Hills of South Dakota, and was founded by guitarist Kyle Pfeiffer, and vocalist Roman James. After years of writing songs and playing live in the Black Hills area, Kyle and Roman were discovered by Grammy Award-winning producer, Stephen Short in early 2011. This brought upon two new members to bring into the equation, bassist Chauncey "CK" Köchel, and session drummer Matt O'Rourke. CK and Matt began rehearsing with the band in the weeks leading up to entering the world's largest residential recording studio, Sonic Ranch. With producer Stephen Short and engineer Charles Godfrey on board, Blacklite District recorded their 7-track debut album, "This is Where it Ends"

Life in Cycle

Genre: Rock, metal

Hailing from Peoria, IL Life In Cycle offers up angelic vocals, mega-riffage, low-end thunder, and double-kickin’ beats. It's goddamn electric! The band started in 2012 as Waiting for Koi, then changed to Angels in Heat, before settling with Life in Cycle. To date, Life In Cycle has shared the stage with Hollywood Undead, Eye Empire, Mindset Evolution, Straight Line Stitch, Blue Felix, Soil, All Hail the Yeti, and L.A Guns. Cody previously sang for Failed and Copious, Bela previously played guitar and was a founding member of Peoria legends Taxi War Dance, Justify the Means, and Red: Ethics. Jason played bass for Peoria legends Single File Suicide and had a short stint with Justify the Means, and Scott previously drummed for High Tide in Tucson. Checkout www.reverbnation.com/lifeincycle for available music!

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