We play music together at Andrew's home in the outer sunset. He lives right on the beach. Lucky! Practice starts while the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. Every time the sky looks different - sometimes it's the deepest purple you've ever seen, and sometimes it's all fog. Either way the Pelicans still seem to love it. We eat soup and bread after we're tuckered from the musics. We are a brand new band. We are Andrew Brennan, Aubrey Trinnaman, Scott Fetzer, Sean Swet Jones, and Justin Wiener.

JJAAXXNN (closing set)

Influences: Al Green, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Sir LSD Weed.

Joshua W Bruner is also the front man for psychrock band Magic Leaves.


"From San Francisco and destined to become the next big enigma, Musika creates haunting, surreal scenes with sounds made from trinkets and toys. Yet, he fills the space with an undeniable impressionist beauty. From the melancholy to the chipper choral and back again, Musika can walk innumerable miles in a single song. It doesn't hurt that he surrounds himself withthe likes of Jolie Holland and the Blank Tapes, but this is Musika's circus of the sublime all the way down that windy road." --Noise Pop


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