Aaron Nathans and Michael Ronstandt - Live in the Coffeehouse

Aaron Nathans

Aaron Nathans has never really written a love song.

He’ll yodel about grapefruit, and chant about a heavy metal rocker at his Orthodox Jewish wedding. He rocks out about that girl who shouldn’t be wearing Goth clothes anymore, and the curious alchemy that makes an Italian bakery turn out the very best bread on the planet.

Maybe that’s love after all: You can hear the joy he takes in crafting a song, in the tradition of Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark and Richard Shindell. He’s a polished yet unpretentious performer, with a sweet baritone voice and a signature fingerpicking style. While not exactly a humorist, Nathans inevitably makes you laugh.

Michael Ronstandt

For seventeen years, Michael has been offering his music to audiences on cello, guitar and voice. Conversant with a wide range of styles, he has performed throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico with artists like David Bromberg, Linda Ronstadt, and Muriel Anderson. In addition to solo performances, Michael currently tours with his group Ronstadt Generations and regularly appears with Craig Bickhardt, Lisa Biales, and David Trotta. His playing can be found on over 50 albums from the last 12 years, including Trotta & Ronstadt's 3.30.11 (2011), Ronstadt Generation’s Prelude (2012) and Lulo (2010), Lost In Holland’s The Last Great Loss (2009), Amber Norgaard’s last three albums from 2006-2010, and Santa Cruz River Band’s Volume I (2004) and II (2005). Michael Ronstadt’s 4 solo albums, Crazy Rhythm (2012), Bridging The Gap (2010), Cotton Dreams (2008) and Motionless Swirls (2006), “…show him to be a performer with an amazing command of the typical and exotic sounds of the cello, a true virtuoso and a man of instinctive musicality”(Dan Buckley, Tucson Citizen, 2008). Stephanie Ledgin, author of Discovering Folk Music, writes that Michael is "...an exceptional musician-composer, Ronstadt creates a masterful canvas with genre-blending explorations on cello and guitar in complement to thought-provoking lyrics"(2011). Michael received his Master of Music in Cello Performance from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) in June 2008, and his Bachelor of Music in Cello Performance from the University of Arizona in May 2006. He has studied under esteemed pedagogues Yehuda Hanani, Nancy Green and Dr. Gordon Epperson.

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