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Five Knives

Chancellor Warhol

"I am the thread that accents, not the fabric that overwhelms." Once in a while, true artistry comes along and the world takes notice. Chancellor Warhol is such an artist. Born Antonio Dewayne Boleyjack in Nashville, TN, Chancellor Warhol grew up engulfed in the diverse Nashville sound that shapes his very own music today. Combined with the natural love for fashion and design, he is an artist making his creative mark on the world.

Channeling an electro-rap style that is uniquely his own, Warhol released his first solo album, Japanese Lunchbox in 2010 (Voted Best Rap Album of 2010 by the Nashville Scene). His unconventional sound has earned him a place on stage at 2011's Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, Sundance Film Festival, Atlanta's A3C and headlining Next Big Nashville's Soundland music festival. Warhol has also supported a long list of artists, including Questlove, Kid Cudi, G-Side, Wallpaper, and Yelawolf. His music has been featured on several indie films as well as E! Network's Khloe & Lamar, HBO(Less Than Kind), ABC(Charlie's Angels), Fuel TV and the GenArt Film Festival's award winning film, Saeng-il (Birthday) as well as mentions in Rolling Stone and The Examiner .

A dictator of his own art, Chancellor Warhol continues to redefine music genres and produce a matchless sound in his sophomore album, The Silver Factory (which was released September 13th). In 2012, Warhol has released a free mixtape (Playlist for Edie) and will be performing at SXSW, Rites of Spring, and Lollapalooza; he was also selected to be part of the Google Music Magnified Artist program that launched with a performance at the Sundance Film Festival.

The Electric Sons

Kyle Andrews

"A lesser artist could get weighed down by the broody lyrics covering unrequited love, insecurities and general ennui. But Andrews pulls it off by pairing his angst with bright electro-pop rhythms and irresistible hooks." - NPR

"You could call Kyle Andrews a singer/songwriter and you'd be right on a technicality. He's more of a bedroom pop madman, a home-recording, hook-generating dynamo with enough personality to win over fans of everyone from Beck and Eels to John Vanderslice and Chad VanGaalen. "
- Nick Loughrey, Aversion



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