The Clay Dots

Alec Stephen formerly of Railroad Jerk,joins forces with JZ Barrell
(Hifi,Altar Boys) Having played together in the Gashounds and Smack Dab,
they have expanded their songwriting sensibilities to a new level and mingle their guitars like a conversation with a old friend.

Les Sans Culottes

French-by-way-of Brooklyn, Les Sans Culottes borrowed their name from the ill-clad (i.e., long-trousered) citizen-soldiers of the French Revolution. Inspired by French 1960’s ye-ye pop, their sound is equal parts Serge Gainsbourg, the Kinks, and 1960’s girl group pop. Their live shows are raucous, high energy, non-stop, go-go affairs. The band has released seven recordings: “Les Sans Culottes"; “The Ennui and the Ecstasy"; “Faux Realism"; Full Frontal Crudite- Live in Paris"; “Fixation Orale"; “Le Weekender"; and “Pataphysical Graffiti."

Oh Halo

Everything is passing away. Transient, it arises and disappears.
You rush down the concrete canyons, the streets boiling with faceless crowds, lights shining in every window, colors bright like neon, laughing and dancing on the rooftops of skyscrapers.

Someday we may live underground, hiding from fallout. Some day the cities may be deserted shells. In the transience of all that is precious and fragile, the transience of the beautiful egg, you need a soundtrack. Oh Halo is the warmth of the sun, the depth of the moon and human love.

Julie Dicterow sings with human soul, tilting her head and closing her eyes, listening, a voice of pure magic. Ronan Conroy's waves of guitar reverberate endlessly, like chimes in a temple, layering rivers of harmonies and drifting on them, plucking out somnambulant melodies, dreaming his way through solos. Marcy Hokama's classically infused keys weave into the lush texture while Chealsea's raw, at times aggressive, beats form a counterpoint that hypnotizes, entrances.

$8.00 - $10.00


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