Prism is a modern jazz quartet (sometimes quintet) based in Chicago, IL. Although Prism is fairly new to the city, they have already played some great venues including Uncommon Ground, Jerry's and the House Party Starting Jazz Series. The group is made up of a couple of new arrivals (Lindon on guitar and Luke Angle on drums), as well as a couple of in-demand badasses on the Chicago jazz scene - Dustin Laurenzi on sax and Kurt Schweitz on bass. Prism strives to play sincere and adventurous music that is rooted in the spirit of communication and improvisation found in jazz. Their plans for the near future are to record an album of the material that they have been working on the for the past year or so and to continue seeking new performance opportunities in and around the Chicago area.

Murdertron 4000

Murdertron 4000 owes its existence to a freak robotics accident. In late 2008, electrical engineering prodigy / Telecaster enthusiast Pat Kracunas was nearing the completion of his largest project yet: a creation named "Murdertron" which was scheduled to compete in a proposed revival of the popular BBC Two television program Robot Wars. Much to Pat's astonishment, Murdertron gained consciousness. The robot escaped his garage and attempted to begin a killing spree before meeting his end at the hands of a Texas militia, who dismantled Murdertron and disposed of him in the Gulf of Mexico.

In much the same vein, the musical project Murdertron 4000 explores human beings' complex relationship with technology. Instead of simply adopting the shallow futuristic veneer that characterizes much of modern pop music, Murdertron 4000 embraces an approach that digs deep into the roots of R&B, electronica, and jazz. The band takes on a sacred imperative: in a modern world whose vital processes are facilitated by machines, human beings must subdue and rule these machines. It is only dangerous to let our technologies define us if we aren't the ones writing the definitions.

Murdertron 4000's signature sound is as varied and complex as the musical pedigrees of its members. Mastermind, songwriter, and transcendentalist Brandon McGhee wrote and recorded the bulk of the group's material during ether binges while holed up in a poorly lit bedroom, his stereo speakers pulsing with the likes of Boards of Canada, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, and D'Angelo. His co-conspirators in Murdertron 4000's live permutation have all built strong reputations for themselves on the Chicago music scene. Keyboardist Angie Ma has charmed audiences with the conceptual grandeur of her Sewing Pattern moniker; bassist Brian stark channels the terror and beauty of nature through the many-headed fury of Renegade Lightning Rebellion; and drummer Tyler Berg enjoys a continuing tenure with the stadium-slaying hip-hop/funk behemoth Sidewalk Chalk. Guitarist Pat Kracunas, a fugitive from the wilds of Texas, brings with him a wealth of experience playing with everything from down-south gospel bands to experimental jazz combos.

This rare range of interpretive skill ensures that the live incarnation of Murdertron 4000 adds an extra dimension of gravitas to the already engrossing beat-driven atmospherics that McGhee crafted during his several months of tortured solitude. Much more than ruling the machines, Murdertron 4000 promises to rule the hearts and minds of legions of eager listeners.

Cousin Affect

Cousin Affect’s vision is to offer an alternative to a pop culture which has seen a recent and significant presence of negativity. Working closely with many inner city kids in Phoenix has given Daniel, Mike, and Scotty first hand experience with the lives they hope to affect. This youth is extremely vulnerable to the way pop culture influences them. Cousin Affect is working to send a new message. One that is centered around giving, in all its forms, from community service to simply giving your heart to whomever you meet in your daily life. One that will shed positive light among its listeners. One that can be shared between people of all walks of life. One that will show them how committed Cousin Affect is to the music, their values, and the enjoyment of the general public. They hope to spark a new excitement for positive and progressive music, as well as pushing you towards cultural and social awareness. Cousin Affect seeks to build bridges across all that divides us.



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