Southwork is a seven-piece family band made up of cousins, twin brothers, and childhood friends that grew up playing music in the city of Philadelphia. Since their debut album, “Arise” in December 2012, Southwork has consistently spread their brand of psychedelic inspired dance rock across the country. After releasing their “Seasons Passing” EP in the summer of 2013, Southwork continued to tour while planning their next project. Once back in Philadelphia, the band started working on a Tascam MS-16 one-inch tape machine for their sophomore album, “Wear Your Heart Out”, released in August of 2014.

With each release, Southwork’s sound has shifted away from big-band influences and towards heavy synthesizers carrying darker melodies. That trend continues with “Extended Play”, released in December of 2017. The band is currently recording their third album in a studio they’ve built inside of their old high-school in South Philadelphia.

Soldiers Of Soul

A band of Psychedelic Bandits; fighting the good fight to protect rock n roll.



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