In Defence, Still Alive, La Armada, In Exile

In Defence

In Defence started as a gleam in several peoples eyes, these people had kids and those kids grew up and started a band. Some people quit the band, so more people had to have sex to make more kids to play in in defence. Now we play hardcore thrash influnenced punk(a.k.a. crossover) with a bit of sarcasm and alot of energy. We keep it real, some say too real but we say not enough.

In Defence plays a mix hardcore punk with elements of thrash metal (mostly because it's sooo popular right now). We sing about taco's and have been dubbed "TACO THRASH". Some people think we are being sarcastic... some people think we are for real... most people don't know... but there's a taco revolution coming. Join now or be destroyed!

Still Alive

Still Alive makes music together combining different genres that probably shouldn't be mixed. We do it anyway. At the end of the day, Still Alive is essentially a Punk/Reggae band. Tap your toe or bang your head, Still Alive has something for you. Come out, have a beer and hang out with us!

La Armada

During the early and mid-2000′s La Armada established themselves as one of the most influential bands in the Hardcore/Punk scene in their native Dominican Republic where they played countless shows and notched 2 releases under their belt. In 2007, after making a tough but groundbreaking decision to leave a land where even DIY culture is a commodity and very limited platforms existed to present their music, the band decided to relocate to Chicago.

In Exile

In Exile is a Chicago based band featuring members of Flatfoot 56, Southend, and a few other Chicago bands. The band formed in early 2013 and are bringing a diverse Post hardcore/Punk sound. If you are a fan of Thrice, Hot Water Music, Dead To Me, Transit or any punk/hardcore/post hardcore you're going to want to check out In Exile!


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