Like Crazy, Les Quail, The Sun Flights, Jessica Graae

Like Crazy

Acoustic pop rock from Philadelphia.

Les Quail

David Lippold and Michael Zarrello collaborate the only way they know how..Western Union and Morse Code. Through endless hours of "Code" the two communicate back and forth with ideas for the next track, the next project, the next heist. Sometimes the Morse even makes it into the tracks, as sick drum beats, or just repetitive ticking..

The Sun Flights

The Sun Flights are a Philadelphia based folk duo with a focus on harmonies and song writing. We hear the songs and stories we tell as a continuation of the story-telling tradition and its deep roots in our collective histories.

Jessica Graae

Jessica Graae is a Delaware-based singer/songwriter and actor. She was nominated for WSTW’s Hometown Heroes’ Best Female Artist 2012 Homey Award. Jessica was a 2012 Delmarva Folk Hero contest finalist and a 2013 Philadelphia Folk Factory contest winner. She has been a solo artist in Wilmington’s 2012 and 2013 Ladybug Festivals. Jessica has performed live on Graffiti Radio, Hometown Heroes and the 2013 Dewey Beach, Fall Community Arts (Media, PA), Collingswood May Fair and the Bordentown Festivals. Her song, “Wait by the Water” is featured in the 2013 independent film, “Yes, Your Tide is Cold and Dark, Sir.” Jessica blends her classical training and folk-rock style to create haunting, soulful songs.

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